Lalitha Dodwell – Aaja Aaja

Aaja Aaja – meaning “Come on Come on” in Hindi – is an eclectic mix of Bollywood/Pop fusion, combining the sensual lust of the lyrical content over a thumping baseline and pulsating beat. This unique track showcases the distinctive velvety vocals and cutting edge style of AM artist Lalitha Dodwell, and is her debut single released through AM.

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Aaja Aaja is a collaboration with Furious Music, which is run by an award winning composer who was the youngest producer to be signed by Air Edel Studios.
Single Release Party Held at Bar So in Bournemouth

Friday 18th September


Featuring a Live Performance from Lalitha

Name of Track: Aaja Aaja

Lyrics by: Lalitha Dodwell

Song by: Mr Wendle and Amelia McCloskey

Production by: Furious Music Productions

Date of Release: August 2015

Available to buy: All Major Online Stores

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