AM Studios in LA

[section is_fullwidth=”” padding=”” margin=”” text_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#000000″ background_image=”{"type":"custom","custom":"","predefined":"","data":{"icon":"","css":[]}}” video=”” overlay=”” auto_generated=”” first_in_builder=”1″ _array_keys=”{"background_image":"background_image"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][row][column width=”1_1″ _made_with_builder=”true”][divider style=”{"ruler_type":"space","space":{"height":"50"}}” _array_keys=”{"style":"style"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/divider][/column][/row][row][column width=”1_1″ _made_with_builder=”true”][special_heading title=”<span>AM Studios in LA</span>” subtitle=”LA Promo Trip in August 2015 was a massive success with Artist's Stacey Leighann and Courtney Manston. Busy schedule which consisted of recording with Grammy Nominated Producer Michael Ross and Co-Producer Jimmy Waldo. Singles are due for release Jan 2016. Thanks to Musician's Institute and Lucky Bell, an awesome guitarist who performed alongside them at Republic of Pie in Hollywood for an Exclusive Showcase. Special thanks to Charles Lopez at Block of Joy for capturing the recording session for 'making of the record' documentary and Joshua Cobos for photo shoot which we shot some of it same place where Grease the movie was filmed! Check back for news updates on debut single releases. ” heading=”h1″ centered=”1″ _made_with_builder=”true”][/special_heading][/column][/row][row][column width=”1_1″ _made_with_builder=”true”][divider style=”{"ruler_type":"space","space":{"height":"50"}}” _array_keys=”{"style":"style"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/divider][/column][/row][row][column width=”1_1″ _made_with_builder=”true”][text_block text=”[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="20" gal_title="AM Studios in LA"]” _made_with_builder=”true”][/text_block][/column][/row][row][column width=”1_1″ _made_with_builder=”true”][divider style=”{"ruler_type":"space","space":{"height":"50"}}” _array_keys=”{"style":"style"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/divider][/column][/row][row][column width=”1_1″ _made_with_builder=”true”][testimonials title=”” style=”default” testimonials=”[{"content":"I met Amelia McCloskey several years ago, when she was an intern at a major LA Recording Studio. We worked on a couple demos together before she returned to the UK.\\r\\nIt was so cool to hear from her a year or so ago about working with 2 artists she signed to her management company.\\r\\nWe recently completed writing and producing a song for each of them( Courtney Manston and Stacey Mumford). I am so proud of the work we have done! The songs \\"Can't Keep A Good Girl Down\\", and \\"House Of Cards\\" are very cool!\\r\\nAmelia, Courtney and Stacey were amazing to work with. When I recorded their vocals in LA everyone was so prepared and professional. Everyone had obviously 'done their homework'!\\r\\nI am excited to see what the future holds for all of them, and the music we have created. I am confident Courtney and Stacey and other artists that Amelia works with are in GREAT hands!\\r\\n","author_avatar":{"attachment_id":"4034","url":"\\/\\/\\/wp-content\\/uploads\\/2015\\/10\\/Michael.jpg"},"author_name":"Michael C Ross","author_job":"Grammy Nominated LA Based Producer Music Engineer, Mixer and Producer. Michael has worked on many #1 charting, Gold and Platinum selling records.","site_name":"","site_url":""}]” _array_keys=”{"testimonials":"testimonials"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/testimonials][/column][/row][row][column width=”1_1″ _made_with_builder=”true”][divider style=”{"ruler_type":"space","space":{"height":"50"}}” _array_keys=”{"style":"style"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/divider][/column][/row][row][column width=”1_1″ _made_with_builder=”true”][testimonials title=”” style=”default” testimonials=”[{"content":"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Amelia McCloskey. I have worked with her for two separate clients and her direct, yet compassionate approach made a lasting impression on me. She has the innate ability to lead and her understanding of management in the music industry is quite vast. She takes initiative to go beyond the expectations of her job which enables her to consistently create and facilitate high-quality events with great artists. Based on what I've seen, I have no hesitations in recommending Artists or peers working with Amelia. ","author_avatar":{"attachment_id":"4063","url":"\\/\\/\\/wp-content\\/uploads\\/2015\\/10\\/10911492_10155146145375010_1394302731336448760_o.jpg"},"author_name":"Lucky Bell Musician ","author_job":"Social Media Manager at Musician's Institute Hollywood","site_name":"","site_url":""}]” _array_keys=”{"testimonials":"testimonials"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/testimonials][/column][/row][row][column width=”1_1″ _made_with_builder=”true”][divider style=”{"ruler_type":"space","space":{"height":"50"}}” _array_keys=”{"style":"style"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/divider][/column][/row][/section]