What are they?

‘Our Masterclasses are designed to help up-and-coming artists learn from top artists in the music industry signed to major

labels. We host the day at an intimate venue and only allow small groups. Our guest artist provides an exclusive, honest no-

holds-barred live talk to discuss what life is truly like being at the top of their game in the industry, some of their pitfalls

along the way, and advice for artists looking to break into the industry alongwith a live Q&A.

AM Studios CEO Amelia McCloskey is also an award-winning vocal coach present on the day to provide expert advice on

vocal techniques to improve your voice, mic techniques & stage presence. NLP Techniques are also explored to build vocal

confidence & overcome stage fright.

Samantha Brown performed on the hit broad way show Wicked for many years and helped our vocalists gain vocal

knowledge that is one of a kind. Rae Morris, signed to RCA Records who’s had top 10 chart success, toured with the likes

of Tom Odell, Bombay Bicycle Club , Georze Ezra and many more.

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