The role of a music publisher in the development of new music is vital. We work with song writers to support and promote their talents across the industry. Through our artist development programme we nurture the song writing talents of our artists, supporting them through their journey towards publishing.


We work with a wide range of song writers connecting artists and song writers together to develop the song writing skills of our artists. Every song and artist is different and our publishing expertise and services are flexible to individual needs.


Our specialists have the best contacts within the music industry. Through our process of understanding your individual needs and requirements we match songwriters with the most suitable businesses, brands, and clients.

Our publishing skills include:

We are always on the lookout for new writers to sign for publishing so please contact us including links to demos.

-finding new, talented artists and songwriters to encourage their ongoing development by nurturing their skills

-securing commissions for new works and managing the work flow

-registering works of both songwriters and composers with all the relevant collecting societies and agencies for music in the UK

-producing demo recordings using our in-house recording studio

-producing and licensing the production of printed music

-promoting both composers and songwriters and their music to suitable parties such as performers, broadcasters, record companies, and others who use music both nationally and internationally on a commercial basis

-we manage licensing for the use of music whether directly for individuals as well as for special usages

-we manage and respond to new opportunities in licensing your songs

-we ensure that your songs are monitored to ensure the proper payment is received from relevant societies

-we manage the royalty payments to songwriters and composers in respect of the usage of their music

-taking appropriate action against anyone using music without the necessary license

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