Why Choose Me?

With over 15 years experience combined with an education from the Academy of Contemporary Music, Amelia has worked with

all variety of vocal clients including X-Factor’s Luke Friend andcomedy legend John Bishop. Amelia is a certified NLP

practitioner; an expert in helping students in overcoming their mental blocks with singing and/or fear of performing. Not only

does Amelia work with the technical aspects of singing but the psychological aspects as well, especially building confidence.

During your first lesson, an informal assessment is carried out to provide honest feedback on the current level of your singing.

Amelia will then provide a plan for how to take your singing goals to the next level. Amelia is currently based in Winchester

Hampshire but also serves neighbouring Dorset as well as London on a regular basis.


Online Lessons Available

Available for national and international bookings

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A Comfortable Environment

Vocal lessons are accompanied by piano and/or backing tracks and are carried out from various locations in Dorset, London and Hampshire

A Specialist With Nervous Singers

Whether you're taking the first step into your singing journey as a complete beginner, or looking to build confidence, or just improve your ability, Amelia can help.

AM Studios exclusive vocal app coming soon.

Stay tuned for further updates

Over 15 years experience

Amelia has worked with some of the biggest names in the business including X-Factor's Luke Friend and believes that everyone can learn how to sing better with help.

Complimentary Performance Showcases

Put your singing lessons into practice and try out your new vocal skills at our bi-monthly showcases held in comfortable venues throughout Bournemouth, Winchester and surrounding areas. All singers of AM Studios are invited into our private facebook community where we also offer showcases online.

  • Sing through a PA and learn performance and microphone techniques
  • Gain experience and confidence performing live
  • Perform in front of an audience
  • Demonstrate your singing ability and vocal skill
  • Study and learn from other singers
  • Put your singing lessons into practice

One Hour Lesson

£ 50
per hour
  • Warm Up - Vocal Extensions
  • Technique Lessons
  • Performance Lessons
  • Breathing Lessons

One Hour Block booking

£ 250
  • Buy 5 and get the 6th Free
  • Cheaper than individual lessons
  • Same as Regular Lessons
  • Card Payments Accepted

Half Hour Lesson

£ 30
  • Six Lessons at 10% off
  • Cheaper than individual lessons
  • Same As Regular Lessons
  • Card Payments Accepted

Half Hour Block Booking

£ 162
  • Six Lessons at 10% off
  • Cheaper than individual lessons
  • Same As Regular Lessons
  • Card Payments Accepted

Vocal Production:

Amelia has assisted in studio sessions with top artists in LA at A-list studio Glenwood Place, to vocal producing up-and-coming artists breaking into the music industry. Having a vocal coach assist with vocals is the difference between an average or incredible vocal performance. Amelia can also provide vocal arrangements where needed and be able to bring out the best in a vocalist to get the takes the producer needs.

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